A. John Gambro

A. John Gambro

A. John Gambro is the co-founder of The LEO Foundation. John, a retired chemical engineer from Cedar Grove, and his late wife, Rose, have been longtime supporters of Bergen Community College, with LEO Foundation scholarships awarded to eligible Bergen students (typically single parent students) since 2000. The LEO Foundation was named after the astrological sign of its founder, who often reminded people that he was a “Leo.”

Rose was an active member of the Bergen Community College Foundation’s Board. She had lived in Paramus since 1956 and worked in the town for many years as a substitute teacher for special education. She graduated from Hunter College and also worked for Columbia University, conducting research for parasitology.

When Rose died in 2008, John assumed her seat on the BCC Foundation Board of Directors and continued to fund the scholarship. “My wife and I felt that single parents needed help, especially those who wanted to further their education,” said John. “It’s tough enough to support yourself in college, but supporting a family at the same time is especially hard.”

John believes that community colleges are extremely important to the country’s education system and that Bergen is doing a great job: “I’ve been very impressed with the college, faculty, and students, as well as the Foundation and its commitment to the college. It’s a worthwhile organization to support.”